"...I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God..." Psalms 84:10b




The Ushers take delight in serving you.  They are here to assist the Pastor, members and visitors who come to Second Missionary Baptist Church to share in our worship services and special events.




The usher is to:


~ Be available and prepared to greet everyone entering the church

~ Be prepared to provide information necessary to help every member and guest enjoy an edifying worship


~ Secure seating to all who come to join in our worship services

~ Directs congregation during service for tithes and offering

~ Directs congregation during service for The Lord's Supper

~ Ensure that order is maintained within the sanctuary




Marilyn Harrell - President

Jantrell Cummings - Vice President

Rashonda Hall

Denise Gary

Willie Hall

Pamela Campbell

Danita Williams





*Meeting:  2nd Saturday @ 2:00 PM

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